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Ride Leader Handbook
A Ride Leader Handbook has been developed and adopted by the Board to provide uniform guidelines for posting and conducting club sponsored mileage rides. The handbook has been published for some time now and it is surprising that many ride leaders have not yet read it. All current and future ride leaders must comply with these guidelines. Ride leaders who do not read the handbook and acknowledge that they have done so will not be allowed to post and lead future rides. After logging in, the Handbook can be found under the Ride Leader Toolbox menu on the Club website. After reading the handbook, please send an email acknowledgement to no later than September 1, 2014.
Darcie Pickren, President and Ken Rosiek, Ride Director
Mileage Note
The last day for accumulating mileage for the 2014 Ride Year will be Sept 30, 2014.

Ride Around Torch Recap
The 2014 Ride Around Torch was met with fabulous weather - lots of blue skies and sunshine with temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties. 1065 riders registered for the tour. As usual, many more riders chose the scenic metric century, 63 mile ride (727), than chose the shorter 26 mile ride (178) or the hilly 100 miler (160). The riders reported few difficulties during their rides (only two skinned knees) and enjoyed great snacks at all five food stops. Kim White and Diana Raddatz did a super job organizing the food stops this year. They have logged several ideas that promise to improve the experience for next year's riders! Good Will Industries Fresh Start catering service provided all the food for the post-tour picnic adjacent to the beach in the Elk Rapids Park. Everyone enjoyed the various culinary offerings including surprise Moomer's strawberry sundaes. As usual, the success of the day was due in huge part to the volunteers who marked the routes, were present at the hectic registration/packet pick-up at Elk Rapids High School, who staffed the five food stops and who provided SAG support for the riders all day long. As usual, almost all the volunteers were repeating their duties and assignments from previous years. Special thanks are in order for George Kuhn, Roger Raehl, and Carrie Baic whose years of experience helped the new tour director more than words can say. Big thanks to all who helped make this year's Ride Around Torch another success. All had a good time.
Submitted by Jim Mitchell, Ride Around Torch Director 
President's Summer 2014 Message
Summer is here! Cycling is rolling in high gear. The Cherry Capital Cycling Club offers many daily rides for all ride ages and levels. Check out our calendar, find a ride that works with your schedule, get on your bike and come join the fun. If you haven’t booked a cycling tour for the summer yet check out our Ride Around Torch and Leelanau Harvest Tour! These two rides are sure to excite you, your friends and family members. All ages welcome. If you are not riding the tours, please consider volunteering for these events.

The Club’s Officers and Directors have been working on an updated Ride Leader Handbook. It will be posted on our website after approval at our next Board meeting on July 2. Please review the new rules as they will help Ride Leaders organize and manage their rides as well give mileage junkies a better knowledge of mileage tracking rules.

As members and riders with the Cherry Capital Cycling Club you are a representative of our Club. We have had occasional complaints from citizens that cyclist are taking up an entire lane when riding out the peninsula or that we are not following the rules of the road. It is important that we minimize any negative feelings that motorists have and encourage them to become informed about cycling. Most folks do not realize that we cannot ride “off road” due to our skinny tire road bikes. Let’s all be mindful of one another and minimize conflicts.

Our new Club Rack Card and Bumper Stickers are available at no cost in local bike shops and businesses. Pick some up, share with others and spread the good news about cycling in our beautiful region.

Ride On!
Darcie C. Pickren, President


Because you...
are enthusiastic about  cycling as part of a healthy life style
• enjoy
the company of fellow riders
• want
to promote bicycle safety
• support
local, state and national cycling organizations
• take
pleasure in volunteering for Club activities
Dues are $20 for individuals and $30 for families. New members, please click here to join the fun. Current members click here for renewal information.

X100 Mtn Bike Race
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Harbor Springs Classic
  September 13  Info >
Leelanau Harvest Tour
  September 21  Info >

Rock Road 50/50 Road Race
  September 21  Info >
Peak2Peak Mtn Bike Race
  October 18  Info >
Iceman Cometh Race
  November 8  Info >


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